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BFI London Film Festival

Pop-up Members Bar

BFI Pop-up Members Bar is a custom-made venue created by The Ink & Paint Club for the British Film Institute (BFI), solely for the use of international film industry attendees at the 57th BFI London Film Festival. Set inside a stunning 1888 Welsh Chapel and built in just four days, this will be the first ever pop-up members club.

The club is located over three floors and boasts two cocktail bars, two live music stages, award winning food and numerous intimate corners lit by the neon creations of Chris Barley (God’s Own Junkyard).

Case studies

“Always in tune with our requirements and pro-active with achieving the narrative of the show when building the bars.”

Fabien Riggall – Founder. Director. FUTURE CINEMA

What we do

The team behind The Ink & Paint Club specialise in creating imaginative events from music festivals to club nights to fully immersive experiences. For over a decade we have been running bars, sourcing locations, securing licenses and, most importantly, realising creative visions whilst thrilling audiences.

Whether it’s a festival, a club night, an immersive theatre production or a product launch we’ll create the perfect social marketing occasion that suits your needs.

Pop up locations


We always want to surprise our clients with unique locations for unforgettable events, whether it be an album launch in a 16th Century barn or a product promotion in a Second World War bunker. We keep a large, constantly updated database of available spaces in London and the South East, and we don’t stop there. We are constantly scouting new locations to ensure our clients get the venue that’s right for them.

Live music bookings

Standon Calling

Booking live music is something we have been doing since the beginning. In many ways it is the core of our business, and our passion.


Secret Cinema

We have pioneered a roaming bars concept to help our festival and immersive theatre clients maximise revenues. We frequently partner with the Heritage Arts Company to deliver experienced performers trained in immersive bar sales. At these immersive events around 80% of the staff we use are also actors who have auditioned for the job. The sale of food and drink can be built into the characters they adopt, boosting audience engagement and customer satisfaction.

Licensing campaigns

Local police forces are increasingly objecting to licensing applications as police budgets are reduced. Without public engagement, police objections are often approved by default, even when local residents might be in favour of the event.

The Ink & Paint Club engages with police, local residents, businesses and politicians to create local support groups to help reach a satisfactory conclusion for all parties and avoid potentially costly legal fees in advance of a successful licence application.

"...insanely talented"

The Hospital Club

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